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    About Maria:


I'm Maria an Energy Healer & Designer of People & Spaces...​

About 30 yrs ago I trained as a Spiritual Healer. I use my healing for adults that are in discomfort this is available Online or In Person.

I offer Energy Healing to clear unwanted energy within Homes, Businesses/Outside spaces. Once Healing has been carried not only will your Home/Workspace will feel more energised...You will too...
'Bringing Positive & Productive Energy To You & Your Business'....

As a trained Psychodynamic Counsellor & Meditation Teacher I teach 'Meditation' & 'Wellbeing Mentoring' sessions for Relaxation & as A Compass Tool for the Mind, Body & Spirit.
These are offered In Person & Online.

 My background is in managing Social Care/Housing projects for over 30 years with vulnerable people, presenting with physical/mental & emotional problems.


Alongside managing I also have refurbished Housing Schemes/Projects.​ I am qualified in Interior Design & can use my skills within Organisations giving Consultancy Advice. A unique service that I offer is 'Spiritual Interior Design' especially for Homes/Businesses/Retreats & Creating'Wellbeing Rooms'...

My Specialism is being able to work with adults of all abilities.. Enabling Contentment & Wellbeing within themselves & their Surrounding Space...


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