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'Beginners Guide To Spirituality' In The Real World

Do you have a curiosity regarding anything Spiritual & would like to learn some more?...

If so this could be the perfect course for you...

Welcome to our Spiritual Course, from Maria and Karon-Phoenix

The course starts on the 21st of July. Each class will be online via Zoom and are two hours long. Starting at 7pm until 9pm (BST).

After each class, you will receive a recording of that class.

There is also a support group for everyone who is part of this course. You will be invited to join and ask questions.

Also, to bring your personal understanding and experience to help others in the group.

This group will run for the whole duration of the course. Whether you take the whole course or choose only some categories you will still be part of this group

We have six different spiritual categories, spread over six weeks. Each category gives a simple informational understanding based on different aspects of spirituality.

With every category, you will receive an online booklet about the different sections we will be talking about.

Here are the categories:

Protection & Affirmations- 21st July/22

Chakra's- 28th July/22

Aura's & Opening your Third Eye- 4th August/22

Meeting your Guides- 11th August/22

Communication Tools- 18th August/22

Different forms of Mediumship- 25th August/22

There are three alternative options to enrol in this course

You can choose to participate in the whole course.

There is the option to choose only the categories that interest you.

The third option is for anyone who would love to come along but due to the time or just life, they are unable to attend in person. You will receive a recording and the booklet of your chosen class. You will also be invited to join the support group, and meet the other members of this course.

Once Payment Has Been Received A Zoom Link Will Be Sent To You.

Additional information if you would love to enrol on this course or any of these classes. If money is a worry, just message us and let's talk to see want we can do

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